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COVID-19 Pandemic: CIOs Can Use Quarantine Phase to Lift IT Standards

As the world is experiencing ramifications of the coronavirus epidemic, digital tools are keeping business operations moving. In this article at CIO, Clint Boulton suggest some smart ways for CIOs to utilize the self-quarantine period to outshine in the corporate world.

Chance to Grow

It is high time for the CIOs to take a front seat and plan innovative business continuity plans. Indeed, the CIOs are coping with multiple challenges like cybersecurity threats, but they still have the bandwidth to bolster business stability strategy. So, learn from experienced IT leaders to strategize your next move:

Practice Emergency Drills

The CIOs must commence ‘role-playing’ activities at least once in a year to test and maintain digital hygiene and IT support for the staff. These activities will prove beneficial in bridging the existing IT resource gap, suggests AvidXchange CIO, Angelic Gibson. The role-paying activity is similar to ‘cybersecurity drills‘ run by big organizations to educate and prepare the staff for unforeseen situations.

Time Management Drill

Work from home is tedious, and to cover the desired working hours, many employees end up working extra. So, Snow Software CIO Alastair Pooley suggests a tried-and-tested idea of leveraging a multi-factor authentication model on the official laptops for cybersecurity. Also, he recommends a call-forwarding system for the customer service team to address customer queries from remote locations.

Learn to Grab the Opportunity

Instead of fretting over the bleak situation, look for smart ways to bring best out the best outcomes in the current situation. Utilize the time to analyze your business challenges. Ensure IT tools are fully operational to address hardware bandwidth, evaluate IT risk tolerance, and close the existing gaps in the communication process, if any.

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