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CIOs, Plan Ahead to Counter Cyberattacks During a COVID-19 Outbreak

Amid the critical situation of the coronavirus outbreak, the healthcare industry is facing a constant threat of cyberattacks. In this article at TechTarget, Makenzie Holland describes how CIOs can counter the cyber hackers that are ready to take advantage of the bleak situation.

Threats Looming Around

The industry suffered huge losses last year due to ransomware, and it remains a persistent threat in the current situation too. It has become far more sophisticated than before, which means the cost of recovery is higher than before.

Also, experts indicate the possibility of a sharp rise in ‘COVID-19-focused phishing’. To deal with the looming threats, CIOs and CISOs must plan and take firm actions. You have very little time in hand to hone your weapons and counter these cyberattacks.

Be Ready to Counteract!

The CIOs and CISOs must capitalize on the cybersecurity tools to block malicious websites. It is time for the healthcare security teams to raise awareness among healthcare employees. Help them remain vigilant about possible loopholes.

Virtual private networks (VPNs) can establish secured connection between the official devices used by employees working from home with the central healthcare system. The CIOs must train their security staff to ascertain the safety of all the laptops or computers before connecting them to the main server of the hospital.

These measures are not sufficient to counter cyberattacks. The CIOs and CISOs must have backup plans to get a reliable system in place that can prevent ransomware strike or alarm healthcare security breach.

The plan must be precise enough to counter security breach during the coronavirus pandemic. It should not affect the hospital staff that are working from home. Click on the following link to read the original article:

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