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4 Practical Tips for Managing a Remote Team

Working from home or working remotely is more than a trend. Today, working remotely has become a necessity for companies across the globe. Thousands of project managers and team leads are finding themselves suddenly managing a completely remote team. Though there are several collaborative software, videoconferencing, and web-based tools to manage the workforce, it will be scary if it’s the first time you have ever had to manage the team remotely. In this article at The Enterprisers Project, Jason Hibbets shares valuable tips on improving communication and preventing burnout while leading a remote team. Let’s get started.

Best Practices You Must Follow While Leading a Team Remotely

Conduct a Daily Check-In

Have a one-on-one conversation with the team regularly to create an honest and friendly environment where everyone can talk about anything. Set an agenda and provide the resources and feedback your team members need.

Set Reasonable Expectations

As a project manager, you must make sure that both you and your team members have clarity on the responsibilities toward the project – be it in terms of project deliverables, deadlines, or working hours.

Never Ignore Learning and Development

Opt for e-learning tools to ensure that all your team members have a personalized learning program, irrespective of their location. Additionally, through e-learning, every employee can access the same kind of learning content and program.

Data Security Must Be Your Priority

Cybersecurity is one of the critical concerns in almost every industry. As a project manager, you must ensure that employees accessing confidential information can be trusted with it. Secure call recording solutions and allow employees to work from devices provided by the organizations only.

Working with remote teams means doing things a bit differently. To accommodate such a workforce, you will need to rework on employee policies and talent management technology. Read the full article by clicking on

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