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The Relevance of ITIL in the Era of Digital Transformation

ITIL has been the go-to standard for IT best practices. Several IT practitioners got certified, and organizations spent hours establishing frameworks and tools based on it. In this article at IT Chronicles, Ryan Schmierer shares if ITIL is still relevant in the era of digital transformation.

ITIL and the Digital Era

It was easier to follow ITIL standards thirty years earlier. Companies used it as a reference guide to standardize their processes and functions. With the advent of new technologies and project management methodologies like Agile, how does it fare now? Discover below if ITIL is relevant even today:

The Legacy

ITIL was a framework created to help government institutions manage the increasing reliance on IT functions and accomplish their core responsibilities and services. They staffed IT professionals to look after the complex stack of IT tools. However, no organization follows IT Infrastructure Library guidelines to its entirety. Even ITSM tools offer customizable features.

The Growing Importance of IT Today

IT culture has undergone significant changes from its earlier days. From traditional Waterfall, it has shifted to the flexible Agile methodology. Organizations encourage collaborative, cross-functional, and customer-centric approach. Most of the services are outsourced through third-party vendors.

The Million-Dollar Question

The framework initially offered a set of practices for organizations that sought ‘consistent results’ for an extended period. Though the market is more volatile, companies still want to provide consistency. The requirement is to deliver similar outcomes but also adapt to emerging situations. Instead of being an unmovable block of practices, it has transformed into integrating flexible pieces for better deliverables.

If you are still wondering, ITIL is definitely worth the try. Used intelligibly, it can heighten your operational excellence by all counts. Though it serves a purpose slightly different from its original intent, the scalability it offers leaves no room for any doubt.

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