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How to Keep the Projects Going Amid Corona Concerns?

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has completely transformed the way project managers were operating so far. Overnight, new strategies took the front seat to keep the momentum going.

In his article at, Troy Edelen suggests some significant ideas to keep the current projects on track, amid anonymous modifications in business priorities.

The Show Must Go On

While the coronavirus has taken a significant toll on the world economy, it has also spurred a need for the ‘show-must-go-on’ attitude among employees. In Particular, for those who are working from virtual locations for crucial projects. The project teams need the right strategy to deliver the project within time and budget. So, here are five actions to keep you on-track:

Verify Project Value

Before aligning resources for the ongoing projects, be aware of the project value and benefits it may bring to your organization. Involve PMO or COO along with the finance head and project sponsors to affirm if the project is promising enough to continue. In case the project gets void or delayed, utilize the free resources to realign with newer possibilities.

Maintain Focus

If you get a go-ahead from seniors, gather your confidence, and continue making strategic goals to deliver the project on time. Keep the team members, and stakeholders focused on the project progress. Avoid distractions by making practical plans and encouraging teams.

A Shifting Approach

Understand the grim consequences of economic slowdown and how it will hamper your business growth. Accordingly, adjust your approach. For instance, those who are contributing from virtual locations, address their queries first. Offer them abrupt working sessions to address issues due to which they are running behind the given time limit. Remain flexible yet persistent.

Align Your Project Plan

After shifting your approach, review the project plan to adjust the tasks, sequences, and the duration to maintain consistency. The process will help in eliminating unnecessary tasks, reducing the planned task length, and reassigning crucial tasks to those who have the bandwidth to work more.

Evaluate Changes

Now is the time to re-evaluate all the necessary adjustments and changes you have made in the project process. So, right from scratch, review the number of variations you have made and adjust them, if necessary.

Click on the following link to read the original article:–5-Actions-to-Maintain-Project-Momentum-During-COVID-19

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