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Social Learning: An Ideal Approach to Develop Collaboration & Teamwork

The idea of acquiring new skills by observing and imitating the behavior of others is the approach of social learning. In this article at ProjectManagement.com, Elizabeth Harrin explains that social learning is nothing new as anyone can learn anything new by only observing people around.

Upskill Staff

To nurture a culture of social learning, do not organize a training session, or invest money in organizing events. To upskill your employees and encourage them to deliver quality projects, inspire them to develop and maintain contacts in the industry. Here are three smart approaches to social learning:

  • Learn at Lunch: Find a place to meet project teams at a specific time and day over lunch break. Either ask them to bring their lunch, or offer them a good meal to ensure that maximum people turn up. The project managers can initiate the discussion by sharing their new learning from a complex project, and seeking feedback from the people gathered. They may even offer to take a rapid knowledge transfer (KT) session. If the initiative turns productive, execute it every month, and start addressing staff queries in this brief session.
  • Peer Learning: Also known as ‘buddy scheme,’ peer-to-peer learning is ideal for new joinees. Make a small team of experienced and new employees to develop an understanding of business and work patterns. The practice will help new joinees learn from experienced co-workers in less time to deliver quality results.
  • Back to the Floor: It is the idea of working again at the ground level to train staff. The leaders can take customer queries or make an inventory list, something that reminds them of their start in the trade. It helps in maintaining consistency during the initial phase of projects or give a better understanding of the initial phase challenges to the leaders.

Click on the following link to read the original article: https://www.projectmanagement.com/articles/583754/How-to-Create-Social-Learning-Moments-on-Your-Team#_=_

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