Digital Disruption

How to Become Digital Advance in the ‘Era of Disruption’?

Digital disruption prompts businesses to rethink and redesign the customer experience strategy, product design, and ways to generate revenue. Many organizations are successfully changing their ways of doing business with the help of advanced technologies like blockchain, AI, and virtual reality.

In this article at Forbes, the author shares an insightful survey that says about 72 percent of high-performing firms incorporate a culture of constant change.

Leverage Disruptive Technology

Every organization aims to implement disruptive technologies to improve customer relationship and experience. But no one can guarantee that once the technology gets rolled out, it will bring a smile on the customer’s face.

Many organizations rely on machine learning and data analytics to trace the fraud patterns in financial transactions. However, when a customer calls to dispute a charge, it can determine the authenticity of the deal.

The other areas where disrupting technologies help an enterprise to beat its competitors are legislative agility, policy execution, and enactment of high-impact initiatives. So, let’s focus on some best practices in the era of digital disruption to keep a close watch over:

  • A Culture of Constant Transformation: From virtual automation to drone at the doorstep for home deliveries, disruptive technology is spreading its presence across a vast terrain. Thus, companies must promote a culture of constant innovation. It helps organizations to transform and promote the culture of agility.
  • Invest in Strategic Role: With the emergence of disruptive technology, the roles and responsibilities of project managers are also increasing. Now, they are responsible for promoting new technologies, motivating teams to execute new outcomes, and holding the authority of digital distraction. To adapt this shift, big firms invest in project managers’ training. The right kind of enables project managers to leverage emerging technologies efficiently.
  • Workspaces Drive Creativity: By reorganizing the workspace and exploring creative ways to upskill the staff, organizations can disrupt the monotonous trends. Disruptive technologies promote drastic change and help to innovative ways of growing into new responsibilities and areas.

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