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How IT Service Desk Priorities Have Changed Over the Years

IT service desk priorities have undergone massive changes. Instead of stressing on attending maximum calls, the agents now must give quality responses. In this article at Axelos, Adam McCullough shares how IT service desk priorities have changed over the years.

Changing IT Service Desk Priorities

Thanks to the emerging technologies, IT service desk priorities for agents have become more people-centric. ITIL 4 has pioneered and encouraged this altering mindset. Though the employees still need to hit targets, their goals are technical as well as business-oriented. The phenomenon will continue until the AI robots take over the entire sector. Let’s find out here how the IT service desk priorities have shifted:

The Face of the Organization: The service desk employees are the first responders related to any disruption or anomalies that business faces. It can be in-house or external and products or services. The team collaborates with the entire organization to solve a problem. The customer does not have to run from one department to the other to get to the relevant personnel. The synergy between various departments allows the IT desk agents to respond qualitatively. Due to their front-facing job, the organizations are more than ever dependent on ITSM professionals. It will not be an exaggeration to say that business growth depends heavily on the efficiency of these frontline workers.

Shifting to Other Technologies: Rather than staying stuck with one tool, the agents are trying out different technologies. The effort is one of the IT service desk priorities to add value to the business in every way possible. ITIL 4 allows service management professionals to seek new scope. It encourages them to improve their capabilities by giving them exposure to new skills and technologies. Being certified allows the agents to cement their abilities in the industry as well.

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