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Encourage the Innovative Minds of In-House Thought Leaders

To resolve a challenging situation or to make a compelling decision, most organizations choose experienced professionals to take the lead. However, very few companies take the risk of going ahead with the wisdom of thought leaders.

In this article at Knowledge, Vip Vyas and his co-author Diego Nannicini explain the need and importance of internal thought leaders for an organization.

Born with the Creative Wings

To become a genuine thought leader, you need a sharp focus and intent. Some thought leaders are known for their unique way of dealing with cutting-edge issues in their expertise area. With the help of high-visibility platforms like keynote presentations and conferences, they come up with their exclusive ideas to develop a fan base willing to test their visions.

Ideal thought leaders are trustworthy and efficient in solving long-term issues. The industry experts deem these comprehensions inspirational and ideal for time, money, and effort investment.

Executives Turn Thought Leaders

Those executives who want to pitch in for the position of a thought leader, they can perform several actions to create a niche in the industry. Let’s take a look:

  • Network with experts inside and outside the organization, even with your competitor brand.
  • Collect, combine, and analyze the vital trade information and trends transforming the industry.
  • Identify uncontested beliefs, observe market dynamics, and critical challenges.
  • Carry out independent research to support or contradict your insight.
  • Build prospects to go public through conferences or social media platforms.
  • Create curiosity among people to explore phenomena from diverse subjects and viewpoints.

If utilized efficiently, thought leadership can be a compelling way to drive growth. Share valuable insights with prospects or existing clients to boost collaborative consulting and business remodeling. Click on the following link to read the original article: https://knowledge.insead.edu/blog/insead-blog/how-firms-can-nurture-internal-thought-leaders-11221

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