IT Remote Support: A Robust Approach to Deal with Coronavirus Outbreak

With rising anxiety around the Coronavirus outbreak, employers across the globe are open to extending online or remote support tools to address the growing concerns of their staff.

In this article at Beyond Trust, Julissa Caraballo suggests some significant IT support systems to meet the need of the remote workers while also addressing the needs of IT infrastructure and technicians.

The Need of the Hour

In the current scenario, organizations must provide an efficient remote support system that can make the entire service desk experience secure, compliant, and easy to use. Here are a couple of useful methods to make the right decision:

Broader Compatibility

To extend support to remote workers, IT support teams must have high-speed connectivity through a modern browser. In such cases, HTML5 based support system will prove beneficial. It will remain compatible with a standardized single support tool while extending incident handling time for the technicians.

Security Compliance

A sharp rise in remote work will equally increase the chances of data breaches via insecure access tools. So, it is crucial to offer secure credentials and authentication to the technicians for accelerating access to IT systems. It is time to switch to advanced encryption, enforcing least privilege controlling systems like PII, audit logs, and maintaining secure records of all sessions.

Cloud Support

Now is the time to look for sound deployment and licensing options, ideal to meet your organizational needs. One of the trendiest options include cloud subscriptions with physical and virtual appliances. Organizations working for federal agencies or rigorous regulatory bodies must aim to meet Federal Information Processing Standards Publications (FIPS) validation. Click on the following link to read the original article: https://www.beyondtrust.com/blog/entry/it-considerations-for-supporting-remote-workers-due-to-the-coronavirus-epidemic

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