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9 Tips to Get PPM Buy-ins from Top Leadership

PPM buy-ins are a pain because the senior management thinks that project portfolio management is a cost center. The real reason behind such a mindset is improper process implementation. In this article at ENR, find out the nine tips to get PPM buy-ins from top leadership.

Getting the PPM Buy-ins

The definition of PPM reads that it helps manage processes, methodologies, and tools of ongoing projects or business cases. To leverage the benefits, here are the nine tips to get PPM buy-ins from top leadership:

Conduct an Objective Project Management Feedback: The reason behind such lukewarm PPM buy-ins might be in your project management maturity levels. Analyze the gaps and reach out to the right sponsor that would support your cause.

Bring in Positive Changes: Now that you know what the team is lacking create a team of experts that would find solutions and fix all the issues.

Create a Change Management Plan: For effective implementation, chalk down a plan that the expert team can work on. To get proper PPM buy-ins, you need to have answers for what, who, and when of the change plan.

Update or Make Policies: Policies are principles that organizations follow to reach corporate objectives, and procedures are the steps. Get rid of the old methods and make new ones that will resonate well with the new work environment.

Buy the Relevant Software: PPM tools are making life easier for professionals globally. Why not invest in the most relevant one to reduce manual tasks? Create a checklist and check if the device ticks off all the criteria.

Encourage Training: A trained team would be better equipped to get PPM buy-ins even though it might delay your progress. Give a role-based training for immediate application.

Get the Right Talents: You might have a high-performing team, but are they performing the right roles? Find out the strengths and weaknesses of your team members. The senior professional can move to a management role while a junior hire can get a more critical technical role.

Establish KPIs: Key performance indicators are the best way to convince stakeholders for PPM buy-ins. Set up KPIs and metrics for real-time visibility and strategic alignment.

Always Learn: Come what may, you cannot stop learning. Make it your team’s mission to be the first one to learn new skills and technologies.

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