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3 Storytelling Tips to Stand Out in a Performance Review

Performance reviews are alarming for those who do it for others. Possibilities are high that your managers are equally anxious about the meeting is equally dreaded to meet you. How can you act smart and ease out this tension?

In this article at Forbes, Esther Choy suggests deploying the fundamental storytelling technique to shift the managers’ point of view strategically.

Ward Off Common Biases

Reviewing the annual worth of an employee is nothing less than battling a host of biasness. These include evaluating the past few months, giving high marks to all employees regardless of merit, or information gathering to confirm preconceived notions. Understanding of the common biases will allow you to think like your manager and structure your reviews in a way that highlights your strength. Follow these three storytelling tips to highlight your strengths:

  • Dig Deep in Past: Go back in the past year and dig deep to find a true story and inspect it like your manager. Frame a set of questions to consider what you might have done that your manager did not expect. For instance, what is your significant contribution to company growth? What makes these contributions above and beyond your duty call? What leadership skills have you acquired in the year?
  • Story Structure: During the performance review meetings, each employee gets limited time to exchange words with the managers. You do not have enough time or space to narrate a story, so structure it smartly. Use the IRS model to craft an impactful story that includes an intriguing beginning, riveting body of the story, and a satisfying end.
  • Tell Yourself the Right Story Later: No performance review is ideal or touches the employees’ expectations. So, as the managers share their feedback, tell yourself the real story and try to understand the managers’ perspective. It is the ideal time to strategize your move for future endeavors.

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