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Which Technology Trends Are Pulling the Most Weight This Year?

While technology trends, as predicted by The Jetsons, might not be about flying cars. Nonetheless, this decade has seen quite a few developments. In this article at Towards Data Science, Ryan M. Raiker shares ten technology trends that are pulling the most weight in 2020.

Trending Technologies of 2020

Though scientists have still not figured out a time machine, the past decade has gifted us with several technological revolutions. iPhone, Facebook, Twitter, Uber, Airbnb—to name a few. Here are the top ten technology trends that are pulling the most weight in 2020:

Advanced Automation: With AI and ML becoming more sophisticated in the coming days, they might give rise to hyper-automation. Instead of depending on one emerging technology, people might mix all of them to imitate real-time human cognitive intelligence.

Multiple Interfaces: What if you can design an aircraft with a group of engineers without restricting yourself to two-dimensional models? Interfaces can become interactive. You will gather AR, VR, and MR experience through multi-platform, highly sensitive technologies soon.

More Access to Technology: With more access to technology, people will engage in business decisions without having to learn a line of coding. Let automation do the manual job of coding and data analysis. So, citizen developers like business analysts can come up with better conclusions without worrying about misinformation or biased choices.

Augmentation of Human Capabilities: While automation is striving to relieve you from manual labor, technology trends say capabilities will soon extend to cognitive assistance. Boston Dynamics are creating robots that can be useful for manual jobs in factories as well as the battlefield.

Visibility and Tracking: Top technology trends include more control over your personal information. Governments are imposing laws like GDPR to improve data protection as data becomes more demanding.

Edge Computing: Edge computing is becoming popular to make IoT technology a reality. It will reduce data latency and allow users to control their devices.

Cloud Distribution: The majority of the organizations have cloud services that have a central repository elsewhere. Eventually, the services will further diversify wherein providers will be responsible for their seamless services.

Autonomous Devices: Technology trends will experience more sophistication with autonomous devices using AI to perform real-time tasks. Robots, drones, smart cars, and intelligent applications are the current examples.

Digital Currencies: Blockchain and cryptocurrencies have faced issues and are not mainstream even now. However, this trend is gaining more traction. It might become an alternative to accelerate secure and cashless transactions worldwide.

Digital Security: Along with hyper-automation, will come the question of security. Artificial intelligence security will be implemented to counter the breaches.

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