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Steer Clear of These 5 Service Desk Outsourcing Blunders

Organizations frequently do service desk outsourcing to get better results in reduced costs. However, they also make some costly blunders. In this article at Service Desk Show, Ellie Coverdale shares five service desk outsourcing blunders that you must avoid at all costs.

Costly Mistakes During Service Desk Outsourcing

While you can accomplish your goals as well as cater to customers around the clock, you should have a checklist to avoid common mistakes. Find out what the service desk outsourcing blunders are below:

Not Conducting a Thorough Background Check: One of the service desk outsourcing blunders is rushing into decisions. Get the right match by analyzing your needs. Select the firms that can meet your requirements. Go through their testimonials and industry reputation. Ask questions up front to understand if they are the right fit for your company.

Not Getting the Right Fit: Managers often make the mistake of hiring the best experts in the industry or the most affordable ones available. Figure out if they will cater to your requirements and the number of years they are in the field. Also, to avoid service desk outsourcing blunders, go through their offerings in terms of customer support and communication channels.

Not Prioritizing Security: Service desk outsourcing blunders involve forgetting to check the security protocols of the vendors. In case of a security breach, who takes the brunt of the third-party mistakes? Find out if the firm conducts regular security audits and is in compliance with the relevant laws and regulations.

Not Having Proper Communication Channels: Communication is the primary reason for most of the service desk outsourcing blunders. Without transparent communications, both the parties will be in limbo under challenging situations. Reach out to the vendor’s existing clients to learn how effective they are in networking.

Not Maximizing Outsourcing Benefits: If you are paying for ten resources, are you getting equivalent results? Ensure you make full use of their resources, skills, and expertise according to the agreement. Learn from their agents how to improve your in-house offerings.

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