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IT Service Desk Agents, Are You Speaking to a Genuine Caller?

IT service desk agents get hundreds of calls every day. The majority of the requests are regarding some critical information loss like login credentials. How do you confirm if the person on the other end is not an imposter? In this article at Optimal Service Management, Stuart Rance shares tips to help IT service desk agents identify genuine callers.

The Dilemma of IT Service Desk Agents

IT service desk agents cannot remember or recognize all the callers they talk to in a day. So, how do you give the right support to the genuine caller? Here are some tips to help IT service desk agents come out of this dilemma:

Validate Caller Credibility: Before spilling sensitive information, validate if you have a genuine caller on the other side of the phone. Follow the company guidelines to a T to prevent yourself from landing in a self-made soup. Organizations must conduct training. They should also run frequent simulated checks to find out if the IT service desk agents are following protocols.

Maintain the Human Touch: While IT service desk agents must stick to their rulebook, they must not lose the human touch. Once done with the verification protocols, ask a few extra questions to learn about the urgency. It might be that you can help out the genuine caller. The gesture will increase customer loyalty.

Also Check When You Are Calling: Make it a point to check who you are talking to even when you have called the same number before. It will stop you from giving personal information to the wrong person. For instance, the author called up to rebuke his colleague for not picking up his calls. At the end of the call, it was the CEO that spoke back. Rance’s colleague was installing a computer at the CEO’s house at that time.

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