CIO Tips: Follow 10 Future Trends to Up Your Game

Digitization has given a significant lift to the business world. In the digital arena, many organizations have achieved the benefit of hyper speed, scale, and connectivity. However, some small and medium enterprises are still struggling with siloed digital transformation initiatives.

In this article at CIO, Serge Findling explains that CIOs’ action time is narrow down as their competitors are accelerating digital efforts. The CIOs must take tangible actions to create a future-ready organization.

Expected Future-Trends

Following the IDC FutureScape: Worldwide CIO Agenda 2020 Predictions, the CIOs must strategize their ways to mark a successful year ahead. Here is what the IT organizations’ future looks like:

  • About 80 percent of digitally advanced organizations will replace the walled garden, an-enabler model with a self-service system by 2024. The CIOs need a clear vision to co-develop their future with business leaders and line of business (LOB) executives. They must share their vision with stakeholders and business partners.
  • About 65 percent of CIOs will become business leaders to evolve their organizations into ‘centers of excellence’ by 2023. It will engineer company-wide collaboration and innovation. The IT leaders and CIOs need to be proactive in driving transformation by addressing anticipated business needs.
  • Driven by growing cyberthreats and new functionalities, about 65 percent of organizations will aggressively modernize their legacy systems by 2023. It will encourage extensive Investments in new technology platforms.
  • About 70 percent of IT organizations will execute a strategic abstraction to boost application portability and flexibility by 2023. The CIOs unable to adopt container/abstraction approaches will face competitive disadvantage due to lack of agility, mobility, and scalability.
  • Almost 70 percent of IT organizations will transition from builders and operators to designers and integrators of digital solutions by 2022. CIOs will face its dire consequences if they refuse to make the desired shift in IT roles.
  • About 80 percent of IT organizations will accelerate software development through 2023. It will enable them to deploy at least weekly code updates and revisions. So, the CIOs must double down on achieving agile and DevOps capabilities.
  • With innovation becoming synonymous with disruption, by 2022, 40 percent of CIOs will co-lead innovation in their organizations. It means, the CIOs must formulate compelling digital visions and support the employees to achieve it.
  • In 2022, deployment of artificial intelligence (AI) to augment, streamline, and accelerate IT operations will become a significant IT transformation initiative. About 60 percent of IT organizations believe that AI will bring substantial value to IT operations and optimizations.
  • Also, 75 percent of CIOs will reshape all IT resources like budgets, assets, and talent in 2024. It will help them support real-time resource allocation and organization agility by reducing fixed costs.
  • By 2023, 60 percent of CIOs will implement employee experience programs. These initiatives will boost employee experiences and increase productivity.

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