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Strong Service Agreement: A Boon or Bane?

With businesses becoming highly reliant on technology, the unavailability of service may have a significant impact on revenue and reputation.

In this article at FreshService Blog, Jack Wylde defines how service level agreements may act as a powerful weapon to maintain service and support expectations.

Knowing the Unknown

The service level agreement is a formal contract between service providers and their clients. Many firms lack in attaining the benefits of service level agreements internally, which indicates that more is required. To bridge the gap, establish formal service level agreements with the service providers— be it internal or external. The objective of this initiative is to guard the venture, and here are two key areas to focus on:

Language & Agreement Terms

Ensure that the language and agreement terms used in crafting a service level agreement support the vendor’s need. The language and definition of the terms should be carefully reviewed and must contain details that protect the vendors.

As you outline the agreement, make sure all key service levels are well-defined. The deal needs an associated and agreed upon set of measures and reporting periods which must be reviewed regularly, instead of waiting for the problems to become constant.

Managing the Agreement

Accountability is the most promising way to defend the venture from the impact of unmet service agreements. Regular review meetings will help in tracking or predicting the likelihood of problems with the provider. To maintain seamless bonding between the provider and consumer, the organizations must hold a fifteen-minute standup meeting daily. The outcomes of such meetings will help in strengthening the provider and customer relationships. Click on the following link to read the original article:

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