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PPM Tool Cloud Migration: 5 Approaches to Do It with Ease

It is tough to migrate a standalone PPM tool to the cloud. The PMO team needs to do it right, and without any error, to keep all projects running. In this article at, Rob Hirschmann shares how you can migrate your PPM tool to cloud with ease.

Easing the PPM Tool Migration Process

While PPM tool migration is a humungous job, you save a lot of money when you finally migrate to the cloud. Before you shift, plan the entire process and be ready to address the challenges. You do not want to deal with the same problems that you had with standalone tools—managing manually. So, here are the five approaches you can use to systematically migrate PPM tool to the cloud:

Create a Plan: It might take you more time to plan the PPM tool migration than the actual process. However, a thorough roadmap can reduce a lot of roadblocks that you would eventually face in the journey. Do not hesitate to have a detailed design model because you have a tight deadline. You will do it only once.

Update Changes: If you have already migrated to a cloud solution, ensure that you regulate the update process. Organizational strategies change very often nowadays. Check with the management regarding the company goals and strategies between financial quarters or months.

Proactively Include New Features: Your PPM tool will need new features occasionally. Do not wait until the last hour to update the licenses and services. Otherwise, you might miss new opportunities in your sector in the meantime.

Be Firm During Your Selection Process: While migrating the tool, you need to dismiss services, add-ons, customizations that you will no longer use. Analyze the pros and cons of the features according to their long-term use before going through the arduous migration process.

Learn Lessons Fast: If you have faced challenges in the past, learn not to repeat them for the current migration process.

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