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8 Smart Initiatives to Gather Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is powerful enough to make or break a product’s market position. It helps in improving the design, quality, and market value of a product.

In this article at Customer Think, Reetam Das explains how opting for the right customer feedback app can be beneficial to the product.

Proactive Approach

To actively gather customer insights, outline the steps and desired results. It will help in designing the right strategy. There are multiple ways and apps available online to gain better customer insight or feedbacks. The author suggests taking an easy yet direct approach:

  • Ask Directly: This is the most accurate way of collecting customer feedback with the help of the right tools like Zonka. It is one of the most preferred software that helps in building a future action base.
  • Collect Data: Using the right customer feedback system, gather and prioritize open-end customer feedback. Record the facts like the duration, average spend, date of feedback submission, and the source of information. Keep addressing customers’ concerns while collecting data using multiple online applications to gather data.
  • Personalize It: Customizing a short survey with easy to answer questions will help in showing the customers that you value them. Communicate in a friendly manner the essence of their time and feedback to improve your product or service. Using emoticons or multiple-choice questions will help in bringing the actionable results.
  • Cut Barriers: By taking prompt action over the customer’s concern, you can get valuable feedback. Understand customer behavior with the right positioning of real-time customer feedback. Swift action may turn negative feedback into positive.
  • Better Experience: The right combination of design layout, font size, color scheme, and company logo can make an attractive customer feedback form. Keeping it precise, straightforward, and personalized with a conventional tone is the right way of collecting customer feedback form.
  • Generating Insight: It is imperative to test and learn from innovative methodologies and find smart ways to gather valuable customer’s feedback. Learning about customer experiences, understanding their issues with the product or service, and finding ways to immediately address their concerns are some secure methods to win customer trust and growth.
  • Teamwork: It helps in making the tough tasks more accessible. The right feedback program, coupled with team collaboration, may help in improving customer experience.
  • Powerful Impact: Positive customer response helps in boosting the team’s morale. Thereby, it is essential to use customer feedback as a tool to enhance a product or service. Pay attention to each point mentioned by the customer and use them to extend a better customer experience.

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