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Is Your IT Service Desk Ready for Tomorrow?

The strategy of an IT service desk is no longer only about cost reduction. It is about efficiency to support more customers. In his blog, Joe the IT Guy shares steps to get your IT service desk ready for the year 2020.

Getting Ready for 2020

Back in 2013, experts made some predictions for how ITSM would be like in 2020. They talked about enhanced value addition and employee engagement. IT support has gone beyond that. Technologies like automation, AI tools, enterprise service management, etc. are increasing the sector’s performance every passing day. Below are the three factors that will drive the IT service desk tomorrow:

Add More Value: ITIL4 suggests that you provide more value to customers. Not only will it increase the value of the IT service desk by being cost-efficient but also by drive business. The easiest way to add value is by managing incidents and services better. That is not all. You need to continue asking customer feedback and measure your performance. You cannot use a single strategy for all companies. The service model depends on the stakeholders, so keep the improvement dialog open always.

Connect More with the Employees: Employees must be able to deliver what they expect to provide. It requires the IT service desk to support their needs in every possible way. The current customer satisfaction feedback (CSAT) draws a vague picture of employee expectations. Many still face issues with IT systems, even if the IT support performance scores higher. HappySignals and Nexthink can help you in this regard.

Leverage Emerging Technologies: The majority of IT support desks have automated processes and tasks. Artificial intelligence is a necessary tool for better services with chatbots and AIOps. Currently, 20 percent of IT support is already working with AI. 50 percent is investigating how to utilize AI. 30 percent have not tried anything yet. There is no starting point for AI implementation, so start the process, and you will soon get habituated with the AI tools.

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