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How to Design To-the-Point Meeting Agendas: 10 Tips

Meeting agendas are what attract people to meetings. They describe in concise the topics people want to talk about. In this article at Girl’s Guide to Project Management, Elizabeth Harrin discusses ten tips to help you design to-the-point meeting agendas.

Writing the Meeting Agendas

While good meeting agendas alert everyone beforehand, minutes wrap it up. Here are ten tips to help you design to-the-point and actionable meeting agendas:

Create a Template: Have a basic template that you can use for every meeting by changing the content. Include sections like an apology, actions taken since the last meeting, latest achievements, future goals, budget updates, resource availability, and miscellaneous.

Involve the Team Members: Check with the team members if they want to discuss anything further in the meeting. You can have separate discussions for topics that are not aligned with the present meeting agendas.

Include Apologies: Start your meeting by apologizing for people that could not make it. Introduce the person that is substituting for the time being.

Have Room for AOB: Any Other Business points are seemingly unrelated topics that you must include in the meeting agendas. Give people the chance to talk on other issues.

Decide the Next Meeting Date: Because all are present in the meeting, it is a wise idea to set the time and date for the next meeting. Send an invite later to all.

Send the Agenda a Few Days Before the D-Day: Send the agendas too close to the date, and people come unprepared. Send them too ahead, and people forget to attend altogether. The safe bet is to send three to four days in advance.

Add Conference Details: Mention the attendee names, those that cannot attend, and the time, date, and location link of the meeting.

Timebox Each Topic: Allot a time slot for each topic. You can cut short if an item is going on for a longer duration.

Pass on the Baton: Allow people with expert knowledge to lead the meeting on their topic.

Create the Agenda: Meeting agendas are an essential part of a meeting. Do not forget to create one.

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