How to Create a Bond of Trust with Your Team

No team can survive without building an internal bond of trust between the individuals. It becomes even more necessary when your team has remote resources. In his blog article, Tanveer Naseer shares some tips to help you create a bond of trust with the team.

Building Trust in the Team

To leverage the global talent pool, companies are hiring remote resources. So, in-person bonding can be challenging. It is your professional etiquette, written communication, and reputation that encourage the remote team member to trust you. Below are the ways you can create a bond of trust with your team:

Earn Their Trust: Though you have been in the company for several years, you still need to earn the trust of your team. Years of experience, qualification, and good rapport with top bosses cannot make the team members naturally gravitate towards you. Convince them about your credibility, just like you convince clients regarding a product. Be open to learning new things and get training certificates to showcase your worth officially.

Lead Them Instead of Ordering Them: Domination and fear can work to a certain extent, but inspiration encourages loyalty. Giving out orders can stop people from putting forward their ideas and prevent innovation. So, mentor them to think and be accountable for their assigned tasks.

Acknowledge Your Mistakes: Everyone is susceptible to mistakes, be it a fresher or a senior professional. Showing your vulnerability will only make you more acceptable to the team. Hiding errors or blaming others for your mistakes can easily break the bond of trust you painstakingly created with the team till now.

Be Open: Leaders have lots of responsibilities, some of which the team members need not know. However, you should share the shared team topics with them so that they are on the same page with you. Have time to address their queries and conduct regular team meetings to create a bond of trust with them.

Do What You Promise: No matter the size of the task, do what you told them you would. It can be a simple thing as attending the daily meeting or notifying the administration for faulty equipment. The team members should realize that you care for their well-being. Even if you respond late, deliver what you promised.

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