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Cybersecurity Alliance: When HR Collaborates with IT

Businessolver SVP Marcy Klipfel opines that HR can improve cybersecurity awareness by collaborating with IT. The department’s central position in the company can help reach employees faster. In this article at Dark Reading, Joan Goodchild discusses how HR and IT can form a strong cybersecurity alliance.

Making the Right Partnership

The Cybersecurity Awareness Month witnessed how various companies have created their own security culture. They are ensuring that employees, as well as the top management, are aware of the security protocols. However, the HR department is missing in action. Below are the reasons why HR should be more involved in planning the cybersecurity plan with the IT:

Being Involved: While companies are heavily dependent on IT in terms of technicalities, they cannot increase employee awareness. The HR department can come to the rescue here. They can train employees to detect cybersecurity threats. The workforce can then become the ‘human firewall’ of the company.

Making Security Digestible: An HR team looks after the culture of a company. Similarly, they can facilitate a culture of security where employees know the cybersecurity protocols. Though IT will design the policies and guidelines, the human resources team will make the employees understand their relevance.

How Far Should the HR Go: Apart from IT companies, the majority of the employees are from a non-IT background. Using technical terms can put them off. So, gamification of the training process and regular updates of the learning management systems (LMS) can come in handy. Sending demo phishing emails to test employees’ detection capabilities is essential.

Adding Value Despite Being Non-IT: Though HR is a non-IT field, it is continuously evolving. Their primary role in the cybersecurity plan is employee engagement and increasing security awareness. Employees can explore the technology that is protecting their data and, in turn, become influencers for others.

Be a Part of the Pricing Decision: The HR teams have all the employee data and proprietary information in their systems. So, they always need security. Who better than them can decide how and which tools can safely integrate with company assets?

Starting the Conversation: IT and HR can together discuss the cybersecurity plan from an employee standpoint. Quarterly meetings on training people, emergency response strategies, and recent learnings should be the key topics.

To view the original article in full, visit the following link: https://www.darkreading.com/edge/theedge/how-hr-and-it-can-partner-to-improve-cybersecurity/b/d-id/1336256

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