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Are You Ready to Pay the Cost of Poor Quality?

Project management is a comprehensive process that involves many crucial steps. Ignoring or paying less attention to any of these steps might lead to project failure, and unwanted delays. Among these activities, quality management is a factor that affects the project right from the initial phase till the end. Quality management affects the overall product value, project delivery, and customer experience. Thus, overlooking quality aspects may cost a project dearly.

In this article at Project Risk Coach, Harry Hall demonstrates the cost of not having a proper quality management plan and guides further on steps to build one.

Is it Costly?

Yes, it is. Quality governs the overall project so, any slippage in quality may result in customer dissatisfaction. Additional expenditures in terms of corrective actions, product repair, budget overrun, and so on are bound to happen if project is run without a quality plan. Such instances will directly impact the team’s morale and project communication as well.

What is a Quality Management Plan?

The primary aim of a project is to meet the customer needs. In order to do this, the project must fulfil certain requirements to an extent. This ‘extent’ can be defined as the expected quality of a project. A quality management plan comprises the instructions and procedures that must be followed to achieve the quality objectives. A quality management plan is prepared with inputs from project manager, team members, and stakeholders.

What Should It Comprise?

A detailed quality management plan must include the following:

  • Quality management approach to be followed by the organization
  • The deliverables liable for review
  • Well-defined quality requirements for the deliverables
  • Responsibilities of the respective members
  • Standards and guidelines to manage quality
  • Quality evaluation parameters
  • Preventive and corrective actions for defects
  • Definitions of specific terms listed in the plan

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