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Why Is Emotional Intelligence Crucial for Work?

The term emotional intelligence (EI) was conceptualized in the early 90s. Business leaders made it their own to bring a visible change at work. EI is a part of the human psyche that can be developed and improved by constant learning and scaling.

In this article at Task Que, Lacey Lyons defines EI as the ability to monitor the emotions of others and your own to act and think professionally.

Advantages of EI

Modern businesses demand constant transformation and change management. Hence, emotional intelligence can benefit from the fast-developing industries. The transformation involves being positive about new developments.

Now, do not confuse emotional intelligence as a soft skill because it is more about competence. All the successful project managers focus on emotions like security and compassion to facilitate transformation.

Managers should be trained like the employees to meet the expectations of their teammates while dealing with their own stress levels.

EI for Employee Engagement

The project managers are efficient in combating major concerns of their employees by leveraging EI. They make the workplace productive enough by encouraging employees to experiment, challenge their limits, share information, and extend support to each other. Emotional intelligence helps a project manager to engage better with the teams.

The author believes that the best way to implement EI is to do from scratch. So, while hiring project managers, ensure that they score high on the emotional intelligence part. Trick the candidates aiming for the position with direct or indirect EI or EI-related competencies. So, make sure an experienced person judges the efficiencies of the prospective project managers. Click on the following link to read the original article: https://blog.taskque.com/emotional-intelligence-benefits/

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