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Sales Representatives, You Can Be the Future Project Leads

The worlds of sales representatives and project managers are way too varied. Still, a budget-conscious, time-crazed, sharp project manager can relate well with an outspoken sales agent.

In this article at Task Que, Ashad Ubaid explains that if you combine the efforts of project managers and sales representatives together, the result will be beyond imagination good. Target-oriented sales and strategic project management can together bring the desired outcomes.

The Correlation

If clubbed together, the sales project managers will be efficient in visualizing the bigger picture. They understand how smaller developments can bring the desired outcome. Their sales strategy and communication skills will be helpful in building seamless communication with all levels of the organization. The sales project managers can create a team environment by displaying excellent conflict management and negotiation skills. Here are the other effective outcomes the two roles together can produce:

  • Happy Stakeholders: Both sales representatives and project managers are eligible in building an understanding with the stakeholders. Nonetheless, salespeople have more experience in client management. Therefore, when they step into the role of a project manager, they can easily manage the stakeholders.
  • Ignite the Driving Force: Project managers are self-driven enough to pass through the daily grind. Along with successfully managing their manpower, they ensure their projects get completed within the estimate budget and time. For sales representatives, being self-driven is not a new thing. Their usual day begins with multiple rejections and cold calls. Therefore, they are efficient in formalizing a perfect strategy to earn a nod from the consumer.
  • Budget: Since the project budget is a priority, the project managers need to be realistic about the surrounding situations. They are supposed to get all the necessary inputs from the stakeholders as well as inform them about the project scope. The sales representatives can successfully handle all these situations. Not only can they effectively explain the reasoning behind the rising costs but they can also convince the stakeholders to furnish the required resources or extend the deadline.
  • Discipline: Project managers are disciplined enough to religiously follow protocols while ensuring the delivery team follows their command. Similarly, the daily grind and the routine followed by aggressive sales representatives make them relentless. Their ‘never-give-up’ attitude makes them a perfect fit for the project manager’s role.

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