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Learn to Handle Rebel Employees That Challenge Your Authority

Leaders must know how to handle their aggressive and rebel employees. They not only affect the team morale but also reduce productivity. In this article at Business 2 Community, Paul Keijzer discusses tips to handle rebel employees that challenge your authority.

Working with Rebel Employees

While some rebel employees disrupt peace purposefully, others do not understand the consequence of their harmful actions. You have worked hard to earn your leadership position and harder to bring the team together. If you do not want all that effort to go to waste, learn the techniques below to handle rebel employees that challenge your authority:

Give a Listen: Leaders generally ignore the rants of the rebel employees. Listen to their outbursts for a change and understand the underlying issues. If their complaints are not unfounded, you both can work together to come to a shared agreement. If there is a real workplace problem, you can fix it before it gives rise to several other rebel employees.

Be Transparent with Your Feedback: Fidgeting and complaining against the rebel employees will not help you out of the situation. Instead of beating around the bush, sit with them and give the feedback in a no-frill but calm manner that fits your position. Great leaders need to be decisive and straightforward when the situation calls for it. Without your feedback, employees are directionless. Help them improve their behavior and convert their outbursts into a civil conversation.

Document Your Interactions: This decisive step is for those rebel employees that do not come around even after your straightforward feedback. Document all the conversations and have records to help you take steps in the future. If they tone down their behavior, keep them at the back drawer.

Let Them Know the Costs of Their Frequent Outbursts: It is time to act if they have been at it for weeks. For new employees or freshers, allow them a breather period of eight weeks to rectify their behavior. You will know if they at all want to work under you or consider you as their leader at the end of the trial period. If they are still dismissive of your leadership, shift them to another team. If termination is the only answer, ensure they know what compelled you to take such a strong step. When those rebel employees finally want to change their ways, be flexible enough to give them the benefit of doubt.

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