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Learn to Get Along Procrastinators: 4 Ways

Delay in work delivery is common in big teams. Still, there is no specific strategy to force people to deliver within the given deadline.

In this article at the Easy Projects, Ash Aujla shares her views on dealing with procrastinators. She believes employees lack productivity due to multiple reasons like lack of planning, job satisfaction, peers, and even due to a coordinated activity or schedule.

Need for Leadership

The leaders are often advised to either give a reality check or fire the procrastinator. However, neither of the options ensures increased productivity. So, follow the smart route to deal with procrastinators. Here is how:

  • Identify Them on Priority: Surpassing a deadline is not the team’s fault, but one person is responsible for it. So, identify him or her and find out the reason.
  • Short & Tough Deadlines: Vague and long-term deadline also stimulates delay. So, as you identify the procrastinators, instead of giving them stringent deadlines, break their task list into small intervals, and set deadlines for each task.
  • Avoid Pile on: Procrastinators are smart individuals who can handle multiple tasks. However, giving numerous tasks to one person won’t be a good idea. Manage them rationally and find innovative ways to use their efficiency.
  • Impose Liability: The procrastinators always look for smart ways to make an excuse for not doing the assigned work. As you define a project to the team, share and track procrastinators’ task list individually to encourage them to meet deadlines. Make them liable for the team’s reputation and boost their morale to beat the deadline.
  • Offer Help: The procrastinators are humans too, who are willing to support their peers. If you have a job that needs immediate intervention, seek help from the procrastinators. It might motivate them and help them overcome their disinterest in the assigned task.

To view the original article, click on the following link: https://explore.easyprojects.net/blog/4-ways-eliminate-employee-procrastination

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