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Harmony Companion: 5 Benefits of This Universal Remote

Senior editor Iyaz Akhtar clarifies how Harmony Companion universal remote is the only gadget you need to control multiple devices. In this CNET video, he comes up with five benefits of the Logitech tool. The remote has an ergonomic design and sits well on your palm. Its coin battery serves you for a long time. Additionally, you can use the gadget to control various devices.

Harmony Companion has a hub that controls two parts­­­—a physical remote and an application. You can access the application on iOS as well as Android devices. Along with device settings, you can also change the configurations of your physical remote through the app. What’s more, you do not need to point the universal remote at the compatible device. The remote and the app use radio frequencies or WI-FI to interact with the hub, which then communicates with the connected devices. It works with almost everything and makes managing several gadgets easier.

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