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CIO Tips: Handle Multiple Teams Smartly

CIOs are bound to have a technical mindset. But in the digital age, every organization wants to recruit someone who can handle multiple tasks and teams easily.

In this article at CIO, Chloe Dobinson shares some tips for CIOs to improve their game and handle numerous teams effortlessly.

Act of Balancing

The CIOs with a strong sense of business and efficiency to multitask is worth a million dollar. It means the CIOs responsibilities expand in different areas. Those who still dream of becoming CIO, learn the following steps to handle multiple teams first:

  • Seamless Communication: Interaction plays a significant role in performing numerous tasks together. To form and manage various groups, the CIOs must develop the right channels of communication with their teams through regular check-ins and meetings. They must encourage their teams to share their ideas, issues, and constraints openly.
  • Welcome Feedbacks: Feedbacks will have a long-term effect on productivity improvement. It helps in resolving many issues. Being on top of the hierarchy, the CIOs must welcome feedback from their staff to gain clarity over critical issues.
  • Positive Workplace: To improve the team’s productivity, focus on improving work culture first. CIOs can motivate their teams to work in close collaboration with them. They can try to foster a warm workplace culture using an internal chat platform like Slack or Google Hangouts. It can encourage staff to open and talk in an informal yet close tone.
  • Employee Relationship: In a bid to foster a healthy and robust relationship with executives and external vendors, sometimes, CIOs ignore their teams. However, maintaining a healthy rapport with the team is hard but vital. You need the team members as much as they need you. So, socialize with them outside work to understand everyone better in the team.

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