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6 Ideas to Strengthen Business-IT Alignment

Fast-emerging global competition has fueled the need for aligning all the business activities with strategic objectives. Since IT plays a vital role in an organization’s progress, aligning business with IT becomes crucial.

In this article at Signavio, the author defines how allying business and IT together can bring positive outcomes and improved ROI for the organization.

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Once the business goals established, align them with IT strategies to enhance the project success rate. Also, technology helps in reducing human effort. So, here is the right approach to execute business-IT alignment:

  • Early Involvement: Involve the leaders from PMO or EPMO at the strategic planning stage. Also, in a bid to deliver a strategy through IT initiatives, involve project leaders at the planning stage.
  • Strategy Translation: If the IT leaders or PMOs are not engaged at the initial stage, it may create hassles in the execution of plans. Even the reliance on IT and business affects the project’s purpose. To eliminate these hurdles, the teams must resolve their queries regularly.
  • Celebrate Alliance: A great business idea must flow from the IT experts to the C-suite executive. The businesses that attain a high project success rate must have effective IT and business alignment.
  • Project Governance: IT governance is the most significant influencer for business case alignment. Business case alignment needs to be monitored and continuously measured.
  • Flexibility: Business alignment needs to be flexible enough to maintain uniformity in long-term projects. Strategic flexibility may turn into a significant asset.
  • Clear Strategic Role: A successful business strategy keep everyone well informed about the strategic goals of the organization. Even business leaders need to have clarity about their roles and how their effort will bring positive returns in the future.

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