IT-Business Alignment

3 Smart Ideas to Align IT with Business & Gain Growth

Leadership skills are as vital to the CIOs as the in-depth knowledge of technology. Leadership skills help the CIOs bring quality work in time by forming a strong bond with their staff.

In this article at CIOs, Thomas Macaulay explains that technology is shifting its base from the IT department to the company boardroom. A CIO’s role demands more than acting as a bridge between IT and C-Suite decision-making to meet business needs.

The New Wave of Change

Technical innovation is led by a strong business imperative. By helping the clients and staff to achieve their desired objectives, the CIOs can facilitate business growth. Here is how that is possible:

  • Standardize Activities: Gain a competitive edge in the market by outperforming other leaders in innovative and creative chores. Do not waste time in pioneering processes and activities that are crucial for businesses. Instead, flaunt innovation by adopting the best industry practices conceived by others.
  • Adopt Best practices: Focus on innovating in areas that may help in making your organization ‘the best.’ Plan it by discussing it with your executives to improve weak areas that can do better in creating a competitive advantage. Also, find the reason that brings customers to your doorstep. Doing this at the beginning will help you align the project’s design goals and get you operational excellence.
  • Form Better Workplace: The primary role of leaders should be to attract and retain high performing individuals in their teams. This is possible only when they create an incredible work culture. Great leaders also extend trust and give control to their teams to make decisions. They can challenge their teams to outperform but not the team’s methodology.

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