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Workplace Makeover: Turn Dark Age into Modern Management

The fast-changing business dynamics demand agile and vigorous transformation to the modern work environment. Still, many companies are lingering behind.

In this article at, Rebecca Hind explains the modern approach to work management. She suggests the ever-adaptive business environment calls for a diverse methodology to transform the conventional process.

Finding the Fact

According to a 2018 study conducted by Forrester Consulting, about 35 percent of projects fail to meet their desired business intent by following a conventional work approach. Let’s see how organizations can swiftly give conventional approach a modern facelift:

  • Conduct a Tool Audit: A progressive organization conducts a tool audit of end-to-end inventory of workplace apps being used to differentiate duplicate and reliable ones. By consolidating and integrating tools, organizations lower the risk of context shifting.
  • Adopting a Centralized Work Management System: Work management tools have become yet another essential weapon. Many organizations rely on a range of tools like Google docs, Trello, Slack, etc. These tools may create unwanted chaos, a lack of transparency, and organizational silos. Without a centralized system of record, employees won’t have a unified view of organizational objectives.
  • Measure Collaborative Analytics: Even though social tools have infiltrated the workplace, many organizations are not willing to pay enough attention to collaborative work and the cost of collaborative activities. Collaborative analytics can help prevent mutual overload, reduce redundancy, and identify the star performers driving the most valuable collaboration.

The current business dynamic calls for a dissimilar approach to strategic execution. The onus is on executives to critically examine tool stacks and select centralized tools to encourage transparency and share common goals with the employees. To view the original article, click on the following link:

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