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Volocopter: Raising the Bar of Air Taxis High

Tired of the non-availability of Uber taxis and unlimited waiting to reach your destination? Worry no more as you are a step closer to booking a flying taxi from your smartphone to reach your destination in a jiffy. In this video at CNET, Andy Altman explains how close we are to a realistic solution to urban air travel. Recently, the Volocopter’s air taxi made its first official test flight at the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart, Germany. In the fast-growing world of air taxis, where Uber is also making headlines, Volocoper is certainly providing to be among the busiest players. Their aircraft have previously flown in Dubai, at CES, and in Germany. The company even extended its reach to Singapore last year. Volocopter is backed by Daimler which owns Mercedes-Benz.

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