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UiPath: Introducing a New Category of RPA

Romania’s newest billionaire Daniel Dines has cofounded UiPath, a company that creates bots—blocks of code that automatically carry out repetitive tasks. In this video at Forbes, Dines shares, “I moved to the USA and started working for Microsoft in early 2000. I worked there for five years and then returned to Romania to start a company which in retrospect was the craziest idea that I ever had in my life. It was opposite of immediate success, a huge struggle.” UiPath recently garnered a $7 billion valuation by selling a more monotonous robot that can pull numbers from PDF
invoices into accounting software or process insurance claims. Japan’s Sumitomo Mitsui bank group, automobile giant Toyota and even Walmart are some of UiPath’s big clients, making Dines the first ‘Bot Billionaire’.

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