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Make Your IT Help Desk Relevant in This Digital World

Be it automation or AI, the functionality of the IT help desk is changing every day. Gone are the days when you a few agents handled several service tickets. In this article at IT Career Finder, Scott Matteson shares 10 ways to make your IT help desk relevant in this digital world.

Keeping Your IT Help Desk Relevant

Advanced technologies have reduced manual tasks for IT help desk agents, but customers demand faster deliveries. New applications are launched frequently. The smart thing is to train your agents and leverage the benefits these tools offer. Below are the tips to make your IT help desk relevant in this digital world:

Straighten Up the Ticketing System: Your IT help desk cannot cater to customers if they must attend multiple issues at the same time. Establish a ticketing system that will simplify the resolution process as well as reduce costs.

Make Your Process Transparent: Inform the users in advance about any system updates. Create an email template and schedule it for the D-day to save time and energy.

Allocate Enough Resources: Your IT help desk needs adequate resources to run seamlessly. Check if you have covered all the basics to support them.

Conduct Training Sessions: Train your technicians on the existing software. Encourage them to learn new skills while on the floor to cater to the company’s immediate needs.

Keep Them Updated on New Market Demands and Technologies: The IT help desk agent should know about the emerging technologies too. This will allow them to adapt to new systems and accept resultant policies faster.

Outsource Tasks: To reduce tasks, outsource the easy tasks to customers. They would prefer solving simple issues on an automated machine to standing in a long queue.

Regularly Remind Them of Best Practices: IT help desk agents must remember their dos and don’ts. Frequently send them emails on Windows shortcuts, steps to detect phishing emails, etc.

Track Their Working Style: It is important to understand how they are working to meet deadlines. This will help you to set a realistic deadline. Also, you can encourage underperformers to speed themselves up.

Encourage Them to Be Objective: All users should be served equally, irrespective of their belief or community. Create a culture of tolerance among your IT help desk agents.

Ask Them About Improvement Areas: Every process requires restructuring after a point. Send surveys to find out the areas that agents require improvements in. Continuous updates can make your help desk run like well-oiled machinery.

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