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Aiming to Pick the Right PPM Tool? Consider These Tips

Many organizations aiming to use Project Portfolio Management (PPM) end up focusing mostly on the PPM tools instead of planning the organizational transformation activities. This ignorance distracts them to drive real operational improvement.

The most common mistake organizations make is underestimating the effort and cost of implementation and the role of process maturity. In this article at Project Management, Wanda Curlee explains that the PPM tools have progressed. If you are willing to upgrade your organization with the latest PPM tools, hire a consultant to help you pick the right one.

What’s the Need?

An IT consultant will assess the present situation of the organization to determine the most effective approach to follow. Successful firms know the value of a good PPM tool that drives enormous value to the organization. Be it with the help of a smart consultant or your own intellect, picking the right PPM tool for the organization is nothing less than handling a project. Here are the points to consider:

  • Make a List: Even though you understand there is no tool to meet all the requirements of your wish list, ranking your requirements is the best way of assessing the tool.
  • Try to Customize: Try using a pilot program to check the requirements of your organization and make a customized tool that can produce the desired results. Customized tools may tweak the conventional method or process, but it surely brings unexpected results.
  • Begin Implementation: Make sure all the projects and programs within the portfolio must be analyzed to ensure the implementation of the right information. The project and program managers must be trained enough to bring out the best out of new tool as most PPM tools work for some extensive project and program.
  • Do a Comparison: As soon as the PPM tool is implemented, it is best to run a few tests to compare the previous state with the present. See if the new tool is producing similar results. In case it does not, then there is a major issue that needs an immediate fix.

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