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Act Right to Manage Multiple Personality Traits

In a bid to effectively manage a team, the IT service desk managers need to learn about the various personalities of their team members. They must know what makes their team members tick, what motivates them, or what is essential to them. After understanding all this, managers can form strategies to effectively manage the team.

In this article at ITSM.Tools, Emma Lander suggests ways to manage multiple personalities efficiently to maintain a healthy, motivated, and engaging work environment.

Get Your Act Together

To deal with different individuals, there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach. To manage the service desk agents, flexible approach is required to get the best out of each agent. Here are three tips to manage multiple personalities:

  • Develop Understanding: To manage different individuals, develop an understanding of their personality type. Out of the too many personality types, the individuals could be judged on their nature— being introvert or extrovert, sensible or intuitional kinds, deep thinker or feelers who get along with the crowd and perceiving or judging individuals. Working out which aspects of personality the team members have will help in establishing a better understanding of their vision to see the world. The managers can also conduct personality assessments to learn about their team members.
  • Establish Relationship: Try to learn about the work preferences of everyone in the team. Observe which task motivates them or which one makes them nervous. Knowing the answer to this can better direct tasks that suit the individuals. See how the staff behave in official or unofficial meetings. Observing an individual’s behavior when they are not aware can bring the most appropriate personality traits.
  • Be Human: This is the best approach to deal with anybody. Praise people for their good work, extend support when needed, put yourself in employee’s situation, and respect their opinion. Encourage open and honest conversations, create a happy, motivated workforce by showing them your human side while connecting with them on a personal note.

Click on the following link to read the full-length article: https://itsm.tools/2018/07/12/3-tips-for-managing-multiple-personalities-on-the-it-service-desk/

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