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4 Actionable Tips to Manage Your Team’s Resistance to Change

Resistance to change occurs when leaders introduce new things to their teams. No matter the benefits, your team is seeing only the challenges. In this article at Let’s Grow Leaders, David Dye provides 4 actionable tips to manage your team’s resistance to change.

How to Make Team Say “Yes” to Change

To make your team deliver good results, you need them to be excited about the assignment as you are. They clearly cannot see how the opportunity helps them to grow. Here are the 4 actionable tips to manage your team’s resistance to change:

Don’t Give Up on Them Yet: Labeling people that display resistance to change means that you do not trust your leadership skills. Humans are reluctant to change. The logic behind this behavior is why to change when things are working just fine. Convince them that it is time to change.

Help Them to See the Problem: All leaders are problem-solvers of their team. The catch is, while they have solved the problem, their team is still struggling with it. Instead of focusing on their reluctance, define the issue for them. Let them understand the gravity of the problem and the impacts it can cause.

Make Them Analyze the Issues: When they display resistance to change, ask them to solve the problem you have described just now. They may form groups to find out the challenges and solutions. ‘Change always starts with desire or dissatisfaction.’ Once they start analyzing, they will want to solve the problem as much as you do.

Encourage Them to Provide Solutions: Instead of drawing their own conclusions, they would naturally think you have the best ideas. Do not reveal your idea now. They might come up with a better solution. Who knows? If they fail, tell them. Whether or not they discover a solution, they will know how hard you worked to come up with yours.  

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