Working with Millennials: 3 Ways to Optimize Gen Y Efforts

Those born between 1982 to 2000 approximately are called as millennials. Since they were born in the age of the Internet, employers find them distracted at work. Nevertheless, they bring positive values too. In this article at Business 2 Community, Darleen DeRosa discusses 3 ways you can optimize efforts made by the millennials.

The Gen Y Integration into Workplace

Studies suggest that older workers clash more with millennials as they have different work integrity and priorities. Following are the 3 ways to optimize Gen Y efforts in the workplace:

Align Them with Inspiring Mentors: Millennials were the only generation that remained in the universities for the longest period due to the recession. They are used to being coached so set them up with experienced professionals that they can look up to. They will not only get up to speed with the tasks required of them but also adjust to the corporate culture soon. What millennials really want are to get honest reviews of their skill sets and guidance to shape their career path. They prefer constant feedback than a once-in-a-year review meeting.

Train Them to Lead: With Baby Boomers retiring soon, plenty of senior management positions require filling up. Like any generation, millennials too want to join a company where there is no glass ceiling. Opportunity to go up the corporate ladder is a good incentive to stay back longer in the same company. Instead of using the traditional method, offer training courses online. The tech-savvy millennials will be more comfortable with the e-learning certification courses that they can do at their leisure time. Give them small assignments to check how they fare in leadership skills.

Make Them Feel Involved: Professionals that do not know how their work is contributing to the company’s success will remain disengaged. Ensure that the millennials understand what role they play in the company’s future progress. Set up clear expectations regarding their performance. Let the senior team members also be accountable for their actions. The Gen Y employees would then understand that they are not targeted for simply being millennials.

To view the original article in full, visit the following link: https://www.business2community.com/leadership/3-tips-to-maximizing-millennial-performance-02225357

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