The Shifting Errands of CIOs: Boon or Bane?

With the shift in the importance of IT division, CIOs have gained a more reliable position of the trusted business partners. The new age CIOs deliver IT strategy in much advance level to improve business growth.

In this article at CIO Dive, Alex Hickey explains that technical leaders face major challenges while elevating their teams. These challenges include a dissimilar understanding of prioritize cost reductions, plan execution, and increase in IT project and service delivery.

CIO’s Threats & Opportunities

Some CIOs believe success should be measured on strategy execution, improved innovative abilities, and involvement in strategic discussions. While some identified conflicting stakeholder priorities, talent recruitment, and retention as the biggest threat to running as well as aligning IT and business goals. The need of the hour for the CIOs is to better communicate IT value as they build trust through security and risk management while improving their efficiency in data management.

Dive Insight

In the digital arena, technology strategy is a new business strategy. An effective CIO or technical executive needs to make sure that the IT division plays a more active role in establishing their organization’s path to progress.

In many organizations, the IT division remains undervalued and is only contacted during a technical glitch. As the role of the CIOs gains prominence across the organization, their responsibilities also grow more complex.

The new age CIOs are primarily tasked to turn the IT division into a profit center while driving customer value, refining agility, and establishing comprehensive security network. Click on the following link to read the original article:

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