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Learn the Art of Establishing Healthy Project Environment

Establishing and nurturing a healthy project environment is as essential for successful project delivery as the basic needs of an organization. The people recruited for higher roles play a major role in advocating a healthy work environment.

In this article at MPUG, Lindsay Curtis talks about the distressing consequences of micromanagement on the project progress, work environment, and project outcome.

The Problem Area

Although, a healthy work environment is often overlooked in some organizations, it is worth the effort to improve the existing workplace situation. Here are five smart ways to create a healthy work environment for the project teams:

  • Promote Open Communication: Connect with your team members in-person and as a group. This will motivate the employees to remain committed to the project. Listen to their ideas and concerns and give a considerable amount of time and value to your staff.
  • Gratitude & Positive Reinforcement: Provide meaningful appreciation to the team members while letting them know you notice how hard they work. Applaud their attention to detail and efforts by organizing small celebrations time-to-time. Share positive reinforcement with team members, both collectively and individually.
  • Encourage Collaboration: Establish a culture that celebrates the teamwork over a single person’s effort. Encourage and support collaboration ‘as and when possible’, but do maintain a little competition among peers to boost the enthusiasm of each individual in the team.
  • Trust & Respect: Always remember that your team is encompassed of responsible and competent adults. So, never fail in showcasing your trust in them while respecting their decisions. Hire the right people for the job and give them the autonomy to prove themselves.
  • Have Fun: Gone are those days when people used to start working on time and shut their systems matching their watch time. In the digital age, even the baby boomers want to work in a fun, cheerful, and lively workplace. Fun at work happens when the employees feel connected, collaborated, and encouraged to chase the common goals.

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