Here’s What You Must Know to Become a Data Scientist

Data science is a promising career option. It has already taken the numero uno spot on ‘Glassdoor’s Best Jobs in America’ list since the last four years and boasts of high salary packages for qualified professionals. Even the Harvard Business Review tagged data scientist as the top pick for the 21st-century technology professionals. Probably because there is a sudden surge in the number of technology companies and hence the need for people with skills to manage digitized data and insights has increased.

In this article at the Tech Republic, the author, Alison DeNisco Rayome, provides a comprehensive overview of everything that you must know to pursue this career including salary details, potential job markets, training programs, and so on.

The Need

Recent research reports suggest that currently the IT industry is facing a huge shortfall of data science professionals and by 2020 the predicted data science workforce requirement will be 2.7 million. This year the demand for data science professionals has already gone up by 56% as compared to last year. Hence, this is the perfect time for professionals interested in data science domain to get started and excel. Here’s a guide that could help you do that:

  • Data research or analytics is the norm of the current digital era. Thus, the need for employees with such skills is on the rise across industries.
  • Some of the top job titles in this field are a ‘core data scientist, researcher, and big data specialist’.
  • The key technologies that you must learn to excel in data science are Python, R, and SQL.
  • Though every industry in on the lookout for data scientists, the potential job market is mainly limited to finance and insurance, professional services, and IT industries.
  • The average salary of a data scientist was $130,000 as stated by LinkedIn in January 2019. However, it may vary based on location as well.
  • The key interview questions for a data scientist might include details of a past project, collaboration with teams or leadership, and a trial assignment.
  • The Data Science Association, The Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences, and the International Institute for Analytics are good options for certification and training programs.

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