Enterprise Architects: Focus on Business Outcomes Rather Than Technology Architecture

Most technology professionals maintain their focus on the specific job profile and KPIs assigned to them. Rarely do they pay attention to the overall business scenario and the kind of impact they can have on the organizational value with their architecture. In this article at ZDNet, Joe McKendrick states that with the onset of digital transformation, enterprise architects should also rethink their strategy and efforts in line with the business outcomes rather than IT consequences.

What’s the Need?

The author quotes Mark McGregor, strategy consultant for LeanIX and former Gartner analyst, from his speech at Enterprise Architecture Connect Day in New York to validate this viewpoint. During his talk, McGregor emphasized that enterprise architects must move beyond the technology barriers and talk more about business results than application modernization strategy. They need to see the big picture.

It is true to believe that technology professionals must maintain their focus on IT issues but diversifying their thought process will only do them good. They can become a part of wider business challenge like improving service delivery, providing better customer experience, driving a faster go-to-market strategy, and leading strategic mergers and acquisitions. This way companies are likely to survive the digital disruption better.

McGregor believes that it is the obligation of technology leaders to drive this sort of change. Only then their subordinates will approach them with ideas or notions about potential threats or upcoming opportunities. Employees across the hierarchy will participating in business innovations, capability enhancement discussions, etc.

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