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CIO’s Advice to Get the Best Out of Collaboration Apps

A myriad of collaboration tools are used by the organization to keep track of the ongoing and upcoming projects. These collaboration tools are creating newer opportunities and challenges for the end users and IT leaders alike.

In this article at Computer World, Matt Kapko explains that the abundance of collaboration app has led many employees to feel the burden of these apps that require even more tools for constant monitoring and input.

CIO: Regain Control

With the rise in a number of collaboration tools across the organization, the CIOs need to roll out a few sweeping tools, easy to implement without interfering with viable workflows. For organizations struggling to scale up team collaboration tools, here is some productive advice from the CIOs and IT consultants to help organizations and the employees to get the most value from their collaboration tools:

  • Detailed End-User-Centric Plans: Joe Berger, Practice Director at IT Consultancy World Wide Technology explains that in the planning phases itself, roll out a new technology ensuring that some budget is included in its adoption and it is considered as part of the deployment cycle. He further notes that the end user must understand why they are using the tool and how it will benefit them.
  • Small Start, Build Momentum Gradually: Initially, start with a small pilot group to learn the ins and outs of the tool on a manageable scale, suggests Marc Kermisch, VP and CIO of Red Wing Shoes. He believes a small set of employees are efficient in uncovering potential challenges before they became widespread, gradually momentum and excitement could be built.
  • Set Example: As you are trying to embrace a new tool, the CIO must try and test it beforehand and lead by example. If the CIO is not using the tool, people will notice it, adds Kermisch. Meanwhile, Mark Cressey, Senior VP, and GM, IT hosting services at Liberty Mutual Insurance suggests, the leaders must share their experiences and learn from the rest of the teams’ experience.
  • Create Awareness & Training Program: Agustin Del Vento, Founder, and CEO of Change Champions Consulting believes clear collaboration and communications strategy is a must to help employees figure out how to use the collaboration tools. An appealing awareness campaign paired with a short-term training session will help the organization cut through the clutter and earn staff interest.

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