A Sneak Peek into The Recruitment Strategy of CIOs

With the advancement of technology and the rise of varied IT skills, most IT firms are plagued with the challenge of filling the emerging IT skill gaps. Even a survey done by Harvey Nash and KPMG CIO in 2018 suggests that IT skill gaps account for 65% of a CIO’s top priorities and KPIs.

Considering this challenge, CIO UK went on to interview some of the UK’s top IT business leaders about their recruitment strategies and understand how prepared they are to face this test.

The Viewpoints

To provide a comprehensive look at the executive level recruitment strategies, CIO UK spoke to 16 CIOs and CTOs of top IT firms. Here’s a quick glimpse of the first 4 interviews. – CTO, Thierry Bedos

To drive innovation, is more focused on diversity. They are liaising with schools in the UK and abroad to promote technology and science as a career option among girls. They believe that the world is tapping only half of the resource pool available. The other half (girls) of resource pool is untapped and equally competent to deliver the best.

Global – Director of Technology & Operations, David Henderson

Henderson believes that the talent shortage has increased further due to lack of diversity. He went on to establish the ‘Global Academy’ in West London to help students learn several vocational skills.   

Bloomberg – CTO, Shawn Edwards

Edwards has fostered the practice of intensive recruiting. They have been sourcing talent from university campuses as well as utilizing their academic staff to support the IT professionals at Bloomberg. Besides they have rolled out a fellowship programme for Ph.D. research students thereby taking them in as interns and then permanent employees, if suitable.

ANS Group – CTO, Andy Barrow

Barrow states that talent recruitment and retention is always a top priority for CTOs. He believes that recruitment strategy should also be as innovative as the emerging technologies. IT firms should focus more on apprentice schemes, graduate schemes or incubator start-ups to source talent.

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