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What Will Happen After AI Has Changed Everything?

Artificial intelligence or AI has become a technology that is projected to change the world that we see now. Already there are systems with intuitive technology and robots that can deliver food. In this article at CIO, Alex Bates narrates a future that you will experience after AI has changed everything.

AI and the Vision of the Future

Several companies are striving to crack the AI code. It seems like everyone is ready to explore on their own futurist journey. So, how will the future look like when AI goes mainstream? Let’s have a look.

Defining the Normal: You will see more people on street conversing with Google Assistant or Siri than their fellow human beings. The intuitiveness of AI will be further explored. So, you might be riding to your destination in a self-driven Uber flying car without typing a word. Facial recognition technology and biometrics can resolve the problem of carrying your wallet everywhere. Guess what, AI will even enable thought-sharing. Leveraging that feature, you can simply share thoughts with your loved ones or robots without troubling your voice box. Just like Avatar.

The Proliferation of Virtual Assistants: Spike Jonze’s movie Her narrates how the main character, who is a human, falls in love with a virtual assistant. Like that, the virtual assistants in your smartphone might one day become your colleague or co-founder. The popularity of these AI bots is because they do not judge. Also, they ease your life by personalizing your options. Maybe, in the future, they will fulfill the need of an understanding partner too.

Ethical Much? AI is incrementally becoming more sophisticated. It might soon prevent us from slogging dead hours at work away from our family. While the AI robots do the existing work, humans will be set free to explore more creative avenues. Since there will be no deadlines or targets to meet, better work-life balance will permeate the work ecosystem.

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