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Want to Get a Project Management Job Next? 5 Quick Tips

Be it looking for a project management job or any other, job searches require time and patience. It is not possible to devote that amount of time after office hours. How do you overcome these challenges? In this article at Strategy Execution, find out 5 quick tips to get a project management job soon.

Pointers to Find a Project Management Job

People opt for a project management job as it offers higher pay package, benefits, and respect. Following are 5 quick tips to get a project management job soon:

Update Your CV: Include qualifications, certifications, LinkedIn profile URL along with your name, email address, and contact number in the CV. Also, add the certification’s registration code.

Type in your job skills and career outline. Give details of the last 10 years and the rest in brief with association period, job title. Mention the budget, scope, and team size of your projects. Describe how your managerial capabilities influenced the project results. Till your 20 years of experience, keep your CV limited to 2 pages.

Start Networking: The easiest way to find a relevant job is by networking. People that had worked with you will guide you towards the right job. Make your trusted circle and inform them about your next career venture. Whenever there is an opportunity open, they will inform you. Personal references work better than your submitting a CV. Keep their interest level active by responding to queries.

Join a forum or attend an event arranged for the project management community through your network. You get an improved perspective before getting your next project management job.

Work with the Recruiters: Before submitting your CV, ensure your experience matches the job requirements of that company. Your experience should match the top five roles and responsibilities mentioned in the advertisement. Either modify your CV to highlight your matches or search for another job. Recruiters will only call you if you match their criteria, so do not just apply randomly for any job or position.

If you are called for an interview, ask more details to understand the job’s importance. After the interview, ask about the waiting period within which you might hear from them. Irrespective of whether they hire you or not, ask if they will give feedback or you can ask them directly. Good firms always offer feedback as they think you as a professional rather than just a CV.

Upgrade Your Skills Continuously: While experience is important, you also need to continuously upgrade your skills. To gain a competitive advantage in your next project management job, go for certification courses like PRINCE2 or PMP. This will allow the keyword scanners to highlight your CV to the recruiters.

Apart from qualifications and certifications, keep your project, programmes, and portfolios up-to-date. Know the new policies, frameworks, PM best practices, and leadership methods. These will bring forth satisfactory answers when interviewed for your next project management job.

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