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This Device Will Let You Perform Ultrasound Sitting at Home

In this Inc. video, Butterfly Network’s CEO introduces a pocket-sized ultrasound device that the company is building for public use. President Gioel Molinari narrates how this technology has been in use since the late 60s. The hardware has not changed much. 

The Connecticut-based firm was founded in 2011 by Jonathan Rothberg to make the technology accessible to the mass. Chief medical officer John Martin confesses he has never seen such a revolutionary device. It saved his life when it detected a large mass near his neck. When he sent the images to the doctor, it was found to be a metastatic cancer mass.

The use of the ultrasound device is simple. Select the area you want to scan, take the image, and connect directly to an iPhone. The images will be saved in the app’s cloud which you can send to your doctor.

A typical machine costs easily between $25,000 to $200,000. Whereas, this device is under $2,000. To make this possible the scientists have included all the parts of a traditional machine into a silicon chip.

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