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Technology Will Change the Retail Stores Forever: Check Out How

In this video at Lifelong Learners, find out about the 5 technologies that will change how retail stores are now. Beacons are small pebble-like wireless devices that can detect your smartphones and send targeted content to your device. Next is the facial recognition technology that will identify you as soon as you enter the store. Previously, it was used in the airports for security. Robot assistants will help improve your shopping experience. With their imaging system, they will identify the items you want and direct you to the stock. If not, you can talk directly to a human assistant. Not only that, these robots can figure out low stocks, pricing errors, and misplaced items.

Smart mirrors will display the dresses that you might like and even change sizes in fitting rooms. You can click a photo of a virtual you and send to your friends for advice. Payment processes will become easier with self-service check out facilities. You might be able to pay with your phones or watches in the coming years without standing in the queues. The scanners will detect your phone and list the items you pick up from the retail stores. The compiled bill will automatically charge and deduct money from your digital wallet as you come out of the store.

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